About me

I’m a quantitative experience researcher at Google (although this is my personal site). That means I work to find out what users need and help our R&D teams to build it. To do that, I do a wide variety of research ranging from qualitative needs assessment to quantitative modeling of customer behavior.

Many of my projects have involved quantitative modeling, such as finding common user states in online behavior, discrete choice modeling of customer preference, game theory models of strategic product line decisions, and modeling of optimal product portfolios to meet customer needs and preferences.

Prior to doing this, I was at Microsoft and before that, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Washington School of Medicine. I hold a Ph.D. in psychology and master’s degrees in both psychology and philosophy. I’ve also done computer programming on a variety of platforms, in several programming languages.

To contact me, leave a comment, orĀ email me at cnchapman butnotthisword at g mail dot com.

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  1. Ken Deaton

    I notice that you co-wrote a paper with one “L. Deaton” (1999). It’s not that common a name, I wonder if they’re somehow related to me? I’d love to read your Heidegger and software paper… – K.

  2. Ken Deaton

    This is one of the most beautifully layed out blogs I’ve seen. A truly exquisite site! I must check out this wordpress.com… – K.

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